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Chunky Wee Zippy Pouches

This is definitely my favorite small zippered pouch. It is so easy to stitch. In just an evening you can easily finish your pouch.

The best part about this pattern is that the designer included the formula to make any size zippered pouch. All I had to do was decide on the width, length and height of my custom pouch. I just plugged those measurements into her formula and was able to have a custom size. Such a great gift from this designer!

Although it is my favorite, I still made a couple of changes. I wanted a quilted bag so I used Soft & Stable instead of interfacing and then quilted the fabric 1 1/2″ apart on the diagonal.

I also prefer the heavy duty bag zippers from By Annie. I use the ones that come “by the yard” as I can just cut off what I need. There are plenty of pulls that are easily attached to the zipper teeth.

I have included all my little extra suggestions on a sheet in the pattern. Any of the pictured pouches can be made from fat quarters – one for the outside and one for the lining.

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