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Wild Beauty from Quilting Treasures

Once again, Quilting Treasures has brought us a beautiful line of digitally printed fabric. The double border is so interesting and fun to work with. Love the fabric, but not so sure what to do with it. Be sure and look at our pattern suggestions.

The border runs parallel to the selvedges
so it will be easy to work with.

We’ll show you two great patterns to use
with the border. First take a look at the
coordinates that might work with your

Want to make a tote? Try this version of the Camden bag called Rockport Tote. You will channel quilt the fabric instead of sewing rows of folded fabric…definitely quicker.

This Aunties Two pattern is great for a double border print.

To make the large tote, purchase 1 1/2yds which is a bit more than the pattern calls for, but better safe than sorry.

You will need 3/4yd for the binding and handles. Purchase 1/2yd Pellon 72F interfacing for the base. Use this link to order the Pellon. Purchase Bosal’s DUET FUSE II. Use this link to order the DUET FUSE II.

You will also need 6 feet “Screen Spline” from the hardware store which is a soft plastic tubing. This goes in the handles.

Want a quicker project? This fabric is perfect for That Easy Pillowcase.

For this project, you will need 1 1/4yd
of the border fabric. Purchase 1/2yd for
the cuff and you are bound to have a solid
for the accent as all it needs is 1/8yd.

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