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Take some time for “Slow Stitching”

Want to just turn off the world for a bit. Me too!! Why not lose yourself for a while by doing a little hand stitching project. These stitcheries are not overwhelming. They can be finished in a few afternoons. Each of the patterns uses the simple backstitch and running stitch so there is no frustration in mastering the stitches.

The Stitcher’s Revolution patterns are iron-on so the prep time is minimal before you begin stitching. Take a look at the patterns and see if any interest you. If so, pick your pattern and then we’ll show you some perle cotton thread and the correct needle to use.

These are the closeups from our newest patterns. You can see the detail of the designs better. Each of the designs is approximately 6 ” x 7″ so it gives you a better idea of size.

Stitcher's Revolution Flamingo closeup
Stitcher's Revolution Camping Closeup
Stitcher's Revolution SR33 Camping

These are some of our other favorite Stitcher’s Revolution patterns.

So what thread and needle do I need? We use perle cotton thread so there is no separation of strands as there is with floss. We use the size 24 chenille needle as it is sharp pointed and pokes a hole large enough to take the thread with it. We are showing some of our most popular perle cotton hand embroidery colors.

If you want to see our entire selection of Perle Cotton Size 8 check it out on our website: DMC PERLE COTTON SIZE 8.

Need something to stitch on? Nothing better than kitchen towels. See what we have available.

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