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Kaffe Collective Pre-cuts

We all like to work with pre-cuts for those great scrappy quilts. We are pleased to provide a variety of Kaffe Classic prints in different sizes of pre-cuts. There are a total of 5 different colorways. Each colorway provides 2 1/2″ strips sets, 5″ and 10″ square packs, along with a set of fat quarters. You can get it cut just about any way you like.

Let’s start with one of the most popular pre-cuts. The 2 1/2″ strip sets. Moda started it all by calling them Jelly Rolls. Now almost every company offers these strips with a slightly different name, of course. The ones from Kaffe are known as Designs Rolls. Each roll contains a total of 40 strips. There are two strips of each of the fabrics shown.

Another popular pre-cut is the set of 5″ Charm Squares. These are known as Charm Squares and the pack contains a total of forty 5″ squares. There are two of each square in each pack. The fabrics in each pack are shown below.

We also have the Kaffe Collective Pre-cuts in 10″ Charm squares. You will find 40 in each pack with 2 of the same. See the fabrics in each pack below.

If those pre-cuts are just too small for you, we have the fat quarter pack which contains 20 fat quarters. The fabrics are pictured for each pack.

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