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Digital Printed Linen

We have always loved to sew with linen, particularly printed linen. Over the years we have found very little printed linen available to the home sewing market. We had locked in a source out of Canada and were in great supply until guess what – covid. We are not sure when our salesman will be able to come and show us new fabrics so until then let us show you what we have.

Here we go again with the Gallery Tunic pattern. It’s such a nice pattern to use with our printed linen. It doesn’t have too many seam details to take away from the beautiful prints.

The pattern calls for 3 1/4 yards of 45″ wide because the sleeves won’t fit side by side, but our printed linen is 54″ so you will need a length for the front, a length for the back and a sleeve length + a little for shrinkage when you pre-wash. You know your finished length, but my educated guess would be 2 1/4 yards.

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