Highlights April 3, 2021 Recent Newsletter Highlights

Pieces of 8 from Creations meets Sanctuary from Moda

Years ago we introduced a quilt we thought would be great for beginners. We called it Pieces of Eight. We put 8 fabrics together and cut 8″ squares from 7 of them. The eighth one was for the binding. This quilt finishes about 52″ x 67″. There are a few leftover squares, thinking a beginner might need a few extra squares in case of a boo-boo. Seems we all need those few extra squares! We have put together a backing kit. It’s a good thing to get the backing kit now as it’s hard to find that perfect backing if the fabric is all gone.

Over a thousand kits later, we know everyone loves a simple quilt. It’s the perfect choice when all the fabrics are a similar value and they just blend together.

We now have the precuts in stock. We have the 5″ Charm Squares, 10″ Layer Cakes and the 2 1/2″ Jelly Rolls

We have included all the prints in case you missed them before.

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