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London Shirt and Digital Linen

This is a great match of pattern and fabric. For the Texas heat, this is a lightweight linen that is machine wash and dry. The print does a great job of hiding the soft wrinkles that just come with linen.

The London Shirt pattern is sewing 101. It’s simple, unstructured and runs VERY large.

If you typically wear a medium, you will get to be the extra-small. If you are a large, then the small will be fine.

Be sure to make this pattern from a fabric that has drape so that it will hang loose from the body and not stand out!!

The pattern call for 2 5/8 yard for 44″ for up to size medium. If you are using the 54″ linen, you can purchase 2 3/8yards and lay it out carefully.

Enjoy our selection of digital print linen. It is 54″ wide and will go thru the washing machine and dryer!

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