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Sue Spargo is an incredible stitchery designer and teacher that we have brought to The Main House for retreats for many years. We love all of her threads, needles, books and tools that help you create beautiful stitchery. We have pages and pages of Sue Spargo products on the Sue Spargo Wool – Thread – Books – Needles section of our website (and in store of course), but on this page we are highlighting just a few of them.

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Creative Stitching Second Edition by Sue Spargo

The Creative Stitching book showcases Sue’s favorite stitches. The wonderful stitches are shown with very clear pictures and directions, so it will be easy to follow.

This book is a must have if you are a Sue Spargo fan.

It evens shows the needles that you will use with each of the different threads.

Sue Spargo Threads

Sue Spargo is known for using a wide selection of beautiful threads in her wool and stitchery projects. The listing below shows just a few of the threads from each of the types of Sue Spargo threads (and other threads she recommends).

Sue Spargo Ellana Wool Thread

We carry over 50 colors of Sue’s popular Ellana Wool Thread on our Sue Spargo Wool Thread page. This thread is a 50/50 Merino Wool/Acrylic Blend with 70 yards per spool. We even carry the Ellana Thread Color Card shown below that uses the actual threads to show the colors available.

Sue Spargo Eleganza Perle Cotton Size 3, Size 5 and Size 8

We carry over 100 Eleganza Perle Cotton Threads by Sue Spargo in each of three sizes (3, 5, 8). The thread colors include both solid and variegated colors. The 2 color cards shown below help illustrate the wide range of colors available in Sue’s two lines of Eleganza thread colors. We show a few of the colors available in each size below.

Sue Spargo Eleganza Perle Cotton Size 8

Visit our Eleganza Perle Cotton Size 8 threads page to find the full range of solid and variegated colors we offer.

Sue Spargo Eleganza Perle Cotton Size 5

Visit our Eleganza Perle Cotton Size 5 page to see all the solid and variegated colors we offer. Remember the color charts shown above apply to Size 5 also.

Sue Spargo Eleganza Perle Cotton Size 3

Visit our Eleganza Perle Cotton Size 3 page to see all the solid and variegated colors we offer. Remember the color charts shown above apply to Size 3 also.

Sue Spargo Dazzle and Razzle Perle Rayon Threads

If you are looking for some shine in your stitchery projects, be sure to check out Sue Spargo’s Dazzle and Razzle Perle Rayon Size 8 threads produced by Wonderfil. Dazzle and Razzle threads are both great for either hand work or machine bobbin work. The Dazzle threads have a sparkle to them while the Razzle threads come in solids and variegated colors and have that great rayon shine.

Other Sue Spargo Recommended Threads

We also carry some thread lines that Sue Spargo recommends and you’ll find these on our House of Embroidery and Painter’s Threads page. The House of Embroidery Variegated Perle Cotton threads are Size 8. The Painter’s Thread is a Cotton Ribbon Floss hand-painted in Germany that can be laid flat and stitched over, or it can be turned into a ruched texture by pulling one of the thread.

Sue Spargo Needles

Sue Spargo has a variety of Chenille, Milliner and Darners needles that she recommends for stitchery projects. You’ll find them below for quick access, but these are also always on our Sue Spargo’s Needles & Notions page.

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