Creations Tutorials

Kathy loves to share information that can improve the sewing experience for Creations’ customers. For the past couple of years she has been sharing this information online via blog posts and YouTube videos. In the listing below, you’ll find links to past posts that cover topics such as: sewing techniques, new helpful quilting and sewing notions, and ideas for pairing various fabrics with our latest (or most popular) clothing patterns.

Metallic Thread Stitch Out

Metallic Thread — Add some Glitz!

Hope you are enjoying my conversations about various threads and needles and decorative stitching.  No thoughts would be complete without talking about metallic thread.  I can already hear the “ugh’s” and “My machine doesn’t like that thread”…  I am here to tell you that your machine doesn’t really know what he likes.  He knows how…

Decorative Machine Stitching

Decorative Machine Stitching Lesson 1

I have sold sewing machines for 42 years so I’ve “seen a thing or two”.  Machines have always had decorative stitches, but we didn’t always have a variety of threads.  It’s the thread, needle, tension, and stabilizer combination that makes for successful decorative stitching.  Sounds confusing, but it’s really not when I give you my…

Needle Knowledge

Needle Knowledge

As a seller of home sewing machines for over 40 years, we have seen many changes.  Machines have more capabilities and we have more choices in fabrics and thread.  With these new choices, we need different needles for different jobs.  We are not talking about industrial machines or long arm quilting machines….we know home sewing machines!…