Creations Store Tour

Creations Front of Store on Main Street

Browse the Store!

We’ve created a store tour to help familiarize newcomers with our style. Take a look at how the store looked recently. We’ve included lots of pictures of our current quilt kits, fabrics and more! However, the displays are ever changing, so don’t be surprised if it looks different on your next real visit. Please note: our merchandise changes frequently! We can’t guarantee that the products you see in this tour are still in stock. Thanks for understanding!
Our customers say that Creations is a joy to visit and browse. We enjoy getting to meet so many creative people! Three outside doors make it easy to get into the store as soon as you park. This is the view of the front of the store from Main Street.
Once you get inside, our staff will be happy to help you find anything in the store. 

Welcome to our Shop

Kathryn invites you to come in and take a look at our shop. We are always eager for our customers to be able to visit in person, but sometimes that just doesn’t happen. Our distant customers who don’t get to visit the shop often, tell us that sometimes they just need a Creations “fix”.

We hope that our store tour will help you get that fix, or better yet, invite you to come and and see what we are all about. Kathryn retired in 2019 after being part of Creations for 22 years. She stops by to check on us every once in a while, so maybe you will catch her here and be able to say hi!

Aboriginal Log Cabin Quilt from Creations

Australian Prints — We Love Them

We have carried Aboriginal fabrics for many years in the shop. We now have over 160 bolts and the fabrics are so interesting. This area really catches your eye when you are in the shop.

Most of us can’t resist these prints and love to work them into our quilts.

You can see all our favorites on line at Aboriginal Prints. The quilt shown was featured in the May 2019 Quilt Sampler. We were invited to be their “Encore” shop as we were previously featured in 1996. It is such an honor to be featured twice.

Our kit is available for sale. You can order a kit which includes the magazine at Globe Totter Quilt.

We are so grateful to all our wonderful customers who have supported us through our 42 years. Thank you!

Can’t Get Enough Batiks

It’s always fun helping customers select batik quilts. The fabrics all want to go together. We carry a large selection from Hoffman, Kaufman, Island Batik and Timeless. You will find them online in our Cotton Batiks section.

Hope you will consider visiting the shop when you are looking for batiks in our area.

Precision Quilt on display at Creations

Perfection is Overrated

This “wonky” version of a Churn Dash quilt pattern is so much fun. Nothing has to be perfect! You can order this kit online at Perfection is Overrated Quilt Kit.

You’ll have a great time stitching this kit. The fabrics are bright and feature small contemporary patterns.

Kids Flannel display in Creations

Kids Flannel

We love all the darling flannel prints that are available now. There are so many contemporary prints which is just what the young mothers are looking for. Did you know that our best selling baby color is gray? Yep, gray and pink, gray and black, gray and mint.

Next time you are in the shop, be sure and take a look. These fabric change often, but you can see what is current on our website at Kid’s Flannels.

Kaffe Fassett fabrics at Creations

Kaffe Fassett and Other Designer Fabrics

In the big room on our upper level, you’ll find a huge selection of Rowan/Westminster fabrics from designers like Kaffe Fassett, Brandon Mably, and Philip Jacobs. You’ll find fabrics from all these designers in our Kaffe – Brandon – Philip – Martha category under the Quilting menu.

In amongst these gorgeous fabrics, you’ll find many of Kaffe Fassett’s books. We also carry some of the prints from the Artisan collection which include some great large prints, batiks, and handwovens. We also stock the shot cottons and stripes that have become basics for us.

We love making kits from Kaffe’s fabrics. If we choose to do a quilt from his books, we try to use exactly the fabrics used in the book. Click the Quilt Kits menu link to find them.

Threads choice abound at Creations

We Love Thread

Threads to a quilter are like paints to an artist. There are so many colors, weights, and uses for threads that you can experiment with them for years. Our selection ranges from 100 weight threads for the smallest detail work to 12 weight threads that are thick and showy. We carry threads for both machine and hand work. You’ll find these on the Threads: Machine & Hand category of our Notions section.

We will be delighted to discuss threads with you on your next visit to the shop. The right thread selection can make all the difference in your project.

We now carry Sue Spargo’s mill dyed wool to go with her perle cotton threads for hand stitching. You can see all of these on our website at Sue Spargo’s Wool, Thread, Books & Needles.

Peepers - An essential tool for many of us

Peepers Eyeglasses

If you need just a bit of help with your eyesight, we have Peepers. The strengths vary form 1.25 for those who just need a little help to 3.0 for those who need more.

Each pair comes with a case to keep them from getting scratched.

These glasses are fashionable and fun. Creations has lots of “neat stuff” for you to see on your next visit to the store.