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Time to get your sewing machine serviced!

Many of the gals we know love their machines so much they have given them names. We spend quite a bit of time with our machines and it’s nice to be able to call a friend by name.

After frantic holiday sewing, it’s time to give your machine a little tender love and care. Get on the phone and call your dealer to schedule a machine cleaning.

Be good to your machine and you will have many years of sewing!

Whatever machine you have, it will eventually need to be professionally cleaned. A good technican will remove all the covers from your machine and lubricate the inside parts as well as get all that lint out of the machine.

Lint can get in places we can’t even see. If you let the lint or broken threads compact inside your machine, it becomes a struggle for the machine’s moving parts. Evenutally the machine will just lock up.

Lack of general cleaning can turn into expensive repairs.

If you purchased your machine from us, we have an excellent tech. We are only authorized to service what we sell. Give us a call at 830-896-8088 and we can schedule an appointment.

If you have an older machine, different brand, or decided to purchase elsewhere, we suggest you contact Simon Guerrero at 830-589-2525 if you are looking for a local tech. Simon can give you all the details about how to get him your machine.

It’s the small things!!!

If you don’t think your machine is ready for a professional cleaning there are several things you will want to do yourself.

  1. Clean your machine on a regular basis by removing the cover, taking out the bobbin case and using a Q-tip or small brush to get out the lint that is always accumulating. The more you sew through batting, the more often you will need to clean your machine.
  2. Put in a new needle with each new project. If you think of needles as you would tires on your car, then you will know how important they are. Needles cost about $1.00. They can do hundreds of dollars of damage to the inner hook of your machine if you continue to use bent and dull needles.
  3. Use the correct needle for the job you are doing. If you don’t know about needles, check with your dealer and they will be glad to make the best suggestions.
  4. Use good quality thread. Please throw away all that old “Ten for a Dollar” bargain thread you found. It won’t do your machine any favors as it introduces more lint and fuzz into your machine. That thread has flat areas and you will not have good stitch quality. (Don’t blame your machine!)


The absolute worst treatment of your sewing machine is lack of use. Recently we have service three machine that have been in the closet for years. Things begin to lock up from lack of use…..kinda like us!

Guess I’ll get off my soapbox. We just want everyone to have good results and you can’t do that with poor thread, dull needles and a dirty machine!!!

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Highlights 2023 01-1 Recent Newsletter Highlights

Tropicalism by Odile Bailloeul

Only Free Spirit fabrics could bring us this great collection. The fabrics are so inspiring that we used them as the inspiration for our newest display of garment fabrics!

Can’t make up your mind? Why not get a bundle while we still have all the fabrics available.

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Highlights 2023 01-1 Recent Newsletter Highlights

Folkloric prints from Alexander Henry

There is no other fabric company that we know of doing any fabrics similar to those produced by Alexander Henry.

We love the Folkloric prints as well as the big bold prints they show.

Mi Casa Azul panel makes a quick and intersting wallhanging.

Enjoy some of our newest arrivals from AH Fabrics.

Take a look at some of our favorite prints from AH Fabrics.

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Highlights, December 8th, 2022 Recent Newsletter Highlights

Cheer & Merriment

This is another cute Holiday line from Moda. The panel has so many possibilites. We chose to do a wall hanging, but you could easily use our pattern and turn the individual blocks into placemats. It’s always hard to see the artwork when showing the entire panel so we are including close-ups of 3 of the designs.

You can make your runner using 3, 4, 5, or 6 of the blocks in the panel. Your sizes can range from 19″ x 36″ to 19″ x 71″.

If you use only 3 blocks, you can make 2 runners or use the left overs to do an improv collage backing.

You will need 6 fat quarters, 1/4yd for the inner border and 5/8 yd for the outer border. (Binding will come from left over fat quarters.)

You will need to purchase 1 1/4yds for the backing.

We still have the charm packs for this group…. Just stitch them together for a cute table cover!

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Highlights, December 8th, 2022 Recent Newsletter Highlights

Quick gifts for Quilting Buddies

It gets a bit hectic this time of year and we thought we should share some of our quick gift ideas for you and your quilting buddies.

We all need a reminder of what’s coming up or a list to keep us on track. Moda has introduced these small magnetic note pads that are just the right size for your pocketbook or purse. Don’t forget to get one for yourself!

Ok…so a magnetic notepad is a great little gift, but you’ve got friends who aren’t quilting buddies. The Shannon Martin magnetic notepads will have them covered.

Want a little more for than a notepad. Check out our zippered glam bags.

Want something even a bit more special? These Meori foldable boxes have been a bit hit in the shop. They are just right to sit by your machine or chair to keep all your supplies together. The insert is sold separately, so don’t forget to order that too.

If you are stumped….there is always a gift certificate!!

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