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Great Fiesta Fabrics

Our town is located just 60 miles from one of the biggest Fiesta events in the country. Each April Fiesta comes to San Antonio which is called the party with a cause. All of the events raise money for non profits. This year’s Fiesta Events run from April 10 – 20th.

We have some great fabrics for your Fiesta visit. Use these fabrics to make bags, shirts, skirts or about anything else you can think of.

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2023-Highlights, March 11 Recent Newsletter Highlights

Bitsy Box

This is a darling pattern for making little 2″ x 2″ x 2″ quilted boxes. You can hardly make just one!!

This pattern is for a 2″ x 2″ x 2″ tiny box. It’s such
fun to make and doesn’t take much time.

You will need a zipper and Soft and Stable from By Annie.

If you just want to try one without investing in a large
package of S & S, just order the pattern and one of our little kits.

Each kit has the fabric, zipper and soft & stable to complete one
of the Bitsy Boxes. Pattern sold separately.

You can see a close-up of each of these darling little bags. If you find one you want to make, remember to order the pattern and select the correct color below.

Want to make a bunch? Order the pattern and Soft and Stable. We don’t have the zippers on our website, so just include a note for what colors and we will include them. These little zippers are just $1.25 each.

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Find the Birds from Este MacLeod

Este MacLeod

Esté is a South Africa born professional artist and designer based in England. She originally studied textile and fine art printmaking degrees followed by an MA in Jewelery Design in 2012.

 Her work is bold and colorfu. It is characterised by the use of stylised forms and painted layers. Esté draws inspiration from nature, seasons, travel, daily observations and her vivid imagination. All of her creations start off as paintings on canvas.

Her previous line, Alfie, was a big hit and we think everyone will love finding the birds.

There are just 5 pieces, and each one stands alone. This is some of the “want it and think what to do with it later” fabric.

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Highlights 2023 01-21 Recent Newsletter Highlights

Flower Fields from Sarah Campbell

It might be the middle of winter, but we have some colorful new florals and interesting coordinates that have arrived from Free Spirit. It’s Sarah’s Campbells new collection, Flower Fields.

Sarah Campbell

Flower Fields is the second collection we have carried from Sarah Campbell.

Sarah is an internationally acclaimed textile designer. The love of pattern and color along with inventive freshness are the hallmarks of Sarah’s work.

Sarah is a speaker and tutor in design. She runs workshops and is involved in education at several levels. She writes a blog and is currently working on a new book about painting on fabric.

Know you will enjoy the designs and creativity Sarah brings us in her new collection.

Fabrics from her previous collection work right into her new group.

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