Highlights March 12, 2022 Recent Newsletter Highlights

Glyphs from Free Spirit Fabrics

If you like graphic designs and architectural patterns then you will love this new line from e bond for Free Spirit. This is the first group from e bond, so hopefully it will be well received and we will have more collections.

e bond holds an BFA in graphic design and art history so you can see where her inspiration arises.

I had to check on the pronunciation of “Glyphs” as well as the meaning. It sounds like you are saying “Glif”.

It’s a meaningful mark such as a hieroglyphic. This collection truly is made from Glyphs…

Can’t make up you your mind which ones to buy? Why not just purchase our pack of 1/2yd of each of the nine pieces.

Sometimes you just aren’t sure what to do, but know you want the fabric.

We have put together a bundle of all 9 prints, each a 1/2yd cut.

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Highlights March 12, 2022 Recent Newsletter Highlights

Star Sprinkles Quilt Kit

This pattern from Atkinson Designs is one of our favorites to use up scraps or feature a certain group of prints. This time we used fabrics from the Kaffe Collective which means we used fabrics from Kaffe, Philip Jacobs, and Brandon Mably. They all work so great together and the prints are large so it looks like you have used many different fabrics, not just the 14 called for in the pattern. The pattern also give yardages for other sizes.

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