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Random Thoughts from Marcia Derse

We are big fans of Marcia Derse and all her great fabric. She is a graphic artist that we first met at the Houston Quilt Market as she presented her first fabric line. We loved it and bought every piece. I think we have been doing that with each line she has introduced since.

Marcia is now designing with Windham Fabrics and we have her newest line, Random Thoughts. Each of her newest lines has a focus print which the line is built around. The digital printing process is just made for some of her designs.


These two prints which she calls Postcards front and Postcards back would be considered the focus prints for this collection.

These are fabrics you just NEED to see in person.

So which ones to choose? Why not get one of our fat quarter packs of all 20 for $79.00.

Along with these great individual prints, Marcia has brought back her popular line …. call Lines.

Can’t decide which ones to buy?

Get a fat quarter pack of the 8 pieces
or a 1/2yd bundle of the 8 pieces and
you won’t have to decide.

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Highlights, July 23, 2022 Highlights, July 30, 2022 Recent Newsletter Highlights

Carving Pumpkins from Stephanie Brandenburg

Northcott is the best of the best when it comes to digital printing. They just know how to produce beautiful designs without going overboard. Stephanie Brandenburg’s company Frond is known for her large dramatic designs and great color combinations. When you put that together with the best digitial printing, you get Carving Pumpins.

It isn’t a big line, but with this dramatic panel you don’t need many coordiantes.

If you just add Stephanie’s tonal, Plaster of Paris, you have some great fabrics to work with.

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Shannon Martin Greeting Cards

We ship Shannon Martin cards from coast to coast. With these cards, it’s like visiting with your relatives. They are funny without being mean and share thoughts we can all relate to. Sometimes, though, you just need a card that is blank inside so you can write what you want. Here is our selection of cards with a blank inside.

It’s hard to see that tiny writing, so if you just click on the card it will take you to an enlargment where you can actually read what it says. Don’t miss the third one on the top row…!!

If you want to see them all including birthday, sympathy, retirement, and inspirational go to Shannon Martin Cards.

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Chickadee from Create Joy Project for Moda

This is Moda’s third line of fabric from Create Joy Project. Each has featured some amazing florals. The personality behind the company is Laura Muir. She is an artist from Utah. She began her painting journey with oils, but found they required too much perfection. She now enjoys her work with watercolors. Laura said:  “Oil painting was an exercise in perfection, which I was trying to get away from. It’s taken me years of practice to ‘untrain’ myself from working realistically, but now making art is soothing and all about finding joy and peace in the process.”

Know you will find joy in her artwork and in working with her fabrics and precuts.

If you aren’t familiar with Laura Muir’s work, you might like to see some pieces from her previous collections.

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Spirited from Northcott Fabrics

Northcott has definitely got the hang of producing the most beautiful digital prints we have seen. Their quality is outstanding and the colorations are amazing. Our only complaint is that they sell out too soon. We tried to reorder these fabrics the day they arrived in the shop and they were already sold out. Definitley not surprised.

This panel looks like a beautiful painting. Wish every horse lover had the opportunity to get this panel.

The actual panel is about 22″ wide x 42″ tall. If you are planning to use it with a pattern that calls for a 24″ panel, you will need to add narrow side borders to make it the desired width.

The coordinates stand on their own with beautiful colors of teals, browns, and rust. Just amazing fabric

Need an idea for a pattern. We have already helped one of our customers plan her project around Sidelights from Mountainpeek Creations. The finished size is 45 1/2″ x 62 1/2″. Take a look.

You will need:
The panel
24644 14 for the light border (3/4yd)
DP24641 12 to cut for the block centers (3/4yd)
24646 38 Dark for block frames (3/4yd)
DP24642 30 Stripe for outer border it’s directional ( 1 1/2yd)
24645 36 Binding (1/2yd)
24645 34 Narrow side border to increase width of panel (1/2yd)
24643 12 Backing (4yds) It’s directional

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