Highlights January 1, 2022 Recent Newsletter Highlights

Bareroots Embroidery Kits

We are facing more days indoors in the next few months so this is a great time to get a stitchery kit. Bareroots has introduced their kits for embroidered dish towels. Each kit includes the towel, floss, instructions, pattern and rick rack. You need to furnish the needle and transfer the design to the towel.

Wondering how you will get it transferred to the towel? DMC has an embroidery tracing paper that will do the trick. Be sure and pre-wash your towel.

If you need a needle, we have several choices as well.

If you want to do more than one, we can supply the dish towels as well.

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Highlights January 1, 2022 Recent Newsletter Highlights

Modern Love from Northcott Fabrics

Northcott Fabrics does some of the most beautiful digital prints we have seen. The colors are amazing and the designs so contemporary.

Creations display of Modern Love from Northcott Fabrics & Bamboo Knit

The digital print above runs parallel to the selvedge. It is not a panel, but running yardage.
The coordinating prints to the ombre are beautiful on their own.

We can’t leave out those who love to sew. The garment in the picture is from the Laurelhurst pattern. It’s great for a knit because all of the edges of the garment are just left raw. None of that time consuming hemming here. The knit used is one of our Bamboo and Rayon combinations. These knit have great drape and enough weight to make the front lapels hang just great. We actually made the pants from one of the solids and used our favorite Hudson Pants pattern.

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Highlights January 1, 2022 Recent Newsletter Highlights

Hourglass Floral kit from Creations

This quilt is such a simple idea and very easy to make. It features prints from Kaffe and “solids” from Marcia Derse. It’s a great combination!

Our kit contains the pattern along with 8 Kaffe Florals and 8 Marcia Derse Palette solids. The binding is also included.

For the backing you will need to purchase:

5yds for 42″ wide fabric or

2 1/2″ for 108″ wide directional fabric or

2yds 108″ wide non-directional fabric

If you have lots of Kaffe stashed away, then you might want the pattern and some of the Palette solids.

See our full collection of Palette Solids by Marcia Derse here: Palette “Solids”

We also have some great suggestions for backing your quilt. There are lots of great possibilities.

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Highlights January 1, 2022 Recent Newsletter Highlights

Weather Report from Leslie Tucker Jenison

Robert Kaufman is the producer of Leslie’s new collection, Weather Report. With her styling and their quality it’s a win-win combination.

Leslie lives just 60 miles from the shop and we excited to support a “local” artist. We hope you will enjoy her collection too.

We also have the 2 1/2″ strips and the 10″ squares available at this time.

If you enjoy making bags or just want a fabric with more body, we have these pieces from Weather Report that were printed on Essex, our favorite cotton/linen blend.

There is also a beautiful sateen 108″ wide backing to see.

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