Highlights, August 13, 2022 Recent Newsletter Highlights

Spirited meets Windswept – both Northcott greats

The two latest digital print groups from Northcott work beautifully together. We featured Spirited in one of our last newsletters and we sold out quickly of the coordinates that “officially” go with the Spirited panel. The new prints from their Windswept collection can easily work with the panel.

We were able to order a few of the original coordinates for the panel, but be sure and look at the fabrics from Windswept shown below….hard to resist.

These prints from the new Windswept line from Northcott will blend with the Spirited panel. These fabrics also stand on their own. If you love landscape artwork, some of these might be what you have been looking for.

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Highlights, August 13, 2022 Recent Newsletter Highlights

Moving at a snail’s pace! Not a bad idea

This adorable little group of prints reminds us to slow down just a bit. These little snails are headed in both directions. Seems sometimes we are too.

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Highlights, August 13, 2022 Recent Newsletter Highlights

Christmas Squad by Mia Charro

You might not know this designer by name, but she is the one behind all the animals with flowers in their hair. Her latest is call Christmas Squad. Mia Charro designs for Free Spirit Fabrics.

These precious animals are ready for the Holidays.
Each is approximaley 3″ x 4″.

So that we don’t cut into an animal, we are selling this fabric in 1/3yd increments. So if you order 1, you will get 1/3yd of fabric which will give you a total of 42 blocks.

That should be plenty to work with!!

Love the two coordinates. If you look closely you see words like traditional, joy, wonder, hope, magic, peace and Merry Christmas mixed among the flowers and leaves on the light background piece.

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Highlights, August 13, 2022

Forest Family from P & B Fabrics

We have had lots of darling panels in the shop. This one is right up there with our favorites. We just love the simplicity, the artwork and the words. It’s hard to see the detail and read the words so we are showing each of the blocks in the panel.

Bet you agree with us about how adorable these blocks are! Check out the panel and coordinates below.

This panel is approx. 30″ x 44″
with a wide space between the
blocks. They certainly thought
about the maker when they
designed this panel.

Each block is about 12″ square.

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Highlights, August 13, 2022 Recent Newsletter Highlights

Jewel Frames Quilt Kit from Kaffe

We finished our quilt and it’s so much better seeing a finished quilt than just looking at the picture on the package.

This is a super easy quilt to make so if you are a beginner it’s for you. If you are a Kaffe fan, you can finish this one quickly.

Kaffe Jewel Quilt Kit from Creations Kerrville

The finished version of the Jewel Frame Quilt Kit is
so much more appealing than just the cover picture.

We chose to do the Green Quilt and we took off two
rows in the width so ours finished approximately 57″ x 78″.

The kit has enough fabric to make the quilt 78″ x 78″.

We now have some amazing wide backs designed by Kaffe and his fellow designers. We used the Lotus Leaf for the backing on ours. With the wide width, you can back your quilt with 2 3/4yds of the wide backing. Mad Plaid and Millefiore would also be great choices.

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