Highlights 2023 01-14 Recent Newsletter Highlights

Kaffe Prints Revisited

We were happy to see that Free Spirit Fabrics decided to reprint some of our favorite Kaffe prints from years gone by. You might remember some of them if you have been using these great fabrics for years.


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Highlights 2023 01-14 Recent Newsletter Highlights

Whale Song by Northcott Fabrics

Northcott has become one of the leaders in the digital printing process. Their fabrics are just beautiful. The color mixes are just amazing.

We loved the new collection, Whale Song, but somehow couldn’t bring ourselves to purchase the big whale panel. Just didn’t think it would be right for South Texas. We did however love the coordinates. Hope you will too.

In case it was the blouse that interested you, here is the Remy Raglan pattern and some great fabric choices.

The Remy Raglan has quickly become our favorite blouse. It’s easy and looks great in any drapy fabric.

The only comment we have heard is that it could be longer. You might want to add a little yardgae to what is on the pattern.

For 44″ wide fabric, purchase 2 yards for sizes 00 – 12 and 3 yards for sizes 14 – 22.

For 54″ wide fabric, purchase 1 1/2yds for sizes 00 – 12 and 2 yards for sizes 14 – 22.

Remember to add to the amount given if you want it longer.

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Highlights 2023 01-14 Recent Newsletter Highlights

Mia Charro’s Magic Friends

Mia Charro

Mia grew up in the North of Spain with 6 siblings. She spent much of her time outside and is grateful for her “wild” and natural childhood. She had lots of cats and a dog growing up so the love of animals was always there. Her vivid imagination expressed itself thru her paintings and stories.

Mia was an illustrator for an e-learing company and eventually decided to go freelance.

Her principal source of inspiration is nature: animals, plants, the stars. She finds that something as simple as looking at the sky can be an inspiration.

Magic Friends is probably the 5th or 6th collection Mia has done for Free Sprit Fabrics and each has been an inspiration to us.

Each of the animal designs is approximately 10″ wide and 11″ tall.

In each panel you will get 2 of each of the deer, rabbit, unicorn and owl.

The coordinates are pretty cute themselves!

If farm animals are more your thing, her previous collection had these wonderful animals. The all over yardage animals are about 3″ x 4″

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Highlights 2023 01-14 Recent Newsletter Highlights

Cool Breeze from Katie Pasquini

Katie Pasquini Masopust

Katie has been a well known contemporary art quilter for over 30 years.

Her energetic manner has made her a popular teacher and lecturer. When not in residence at her studio in California she travels presenting her contemporary quilting theories and technique. Kaite has taught internationally as well as across the United States.

In 2005 she earned the SilverStar Award given by Houston Quilt Festival. Katie is also a prolific author, sharing her enthusiasm for the art of creative quilting through her numerous books.

Katie can add fabric desiger to her resume. Cool Breeze is her third collection for Free Spirit Fabrics. Bet you could create something fun with these fabrics!

If you like Katie’s style, you will want to see the fabrics we have from her previous collection, Game Day.

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