Farewell from Creations

As of Friday, July 28th, Creations in Kerrville, Texas is Closed
Thank You to our many Loyal Customers for a Wonderful 45 Years!

It’s been a Great 45 Years!

 No point beating around the bush! This news might or might not come as a surprise. We have had our property/shop for sale since early January. The sale has gone thru. The new owner will not continue Creations or The Main House.

Let’s face it, the value is in the property, not fat quarters! (Although we might not completely agree with that.)

It has been our pleasure to share our love of fabrics with our customers and friends. We have been here since before the rotary cutter. We have watched fabrics change from little calicos to beautiful digital prints. We have been through highs and lows, gas shortages and a pandemic. Thru it all, we have had the most loyal customers supporting our every move. For this we will always be grateful.

Creations Front of Store on Main Street

In the Creations’ tradition, there has been lots of laughter and telling stories during our last 5 weeks. (And a few tears too, but that’s ok!)

We’ve been blessed over these 45 years to have the best customers you could ever hope for. The entire Creations Crew Thanks Everyone Who Stopped in to Say Good-Bye. We’ve loved working with you to plan your sewing and quilting projects through the years.

Take one more Trip Down Creations’ Memory Lane…

The Band is Back Together – The Victorian Parlour Cats Return

Seems old rock stars always have a farewell tour. Not be be outdone, we are bringing back the Parlour Cats. They returned from their extended vacation in the Bahamas to perform once again at Creations. Have no idea what we are talking about? Read on!

The Parlour cats performed at Creations each holiday season from the late 1980’s thru 2008. The front room was cleared of all merchandise and the cats took over the room featuring different groups including the band, the opera singer, the chess players, nurse Nelly, the kittens choir and Mopsie.

Many of our customers remember bringing their children to see the cats perform. (Remember Joske’s in downtown San Antonio with the animated Christmas displays?) This childhood memory gave us the inspiration to create our own display. Ok, so we are a little crazy!

The cats last performed December 2008 and have been vacationing in the Bahamas since. When they heard we were closing they had to come back for our farewell event.

They made their final appearance at Creations from Tuesday, June 27th thru July 28th. If you have never seen them, use the link before to see videos, pictures and stories of our beloved Victorian Parlour Cats.

The best news is that they will perform again this Holiday Season in downtown Kerrville. Yeah!!

Reminisce with Videos from Past Creations Events

Along with the Victorian Parlour Cats display in the front room, we will have a computer displaying videos of past events, including Shop Hop and Anniversary Sales. But, we’ve also posted them online.

Creations Tutorials Still Available Online

Over the years, Kathy has shared some of her sewing and quilting tips via our blog, Creations Communications. We’ve kept them accessible for now, so you can have another chance to learn from them before they are removed.

Kathy’s Sewing and Quilting Tutorials on the Blog

Kathy created 6 written tutorials to share her knowledge of threads and decorative stitching techniques. You’ll find them on our Creations Tutorials page. You might want to print these written tutorials as they will go away soon.

Kathy’s Tutorial Videos

Did you see the Tutorial Videos that Kathy and Tina published during the lockdown days of COVID?

They published 5 informative videos which have been on our Creations Tutorials page ever since 2020. We’ve kept them up to give you another chance to see them.

We encourage to visit our Creations Tutorial page to see all 5 video tutorials which highlight some quilting techniques like the Crazy Curves template, the Log Cabin Trim Tool, the 90 degree Triangle Tool, and an Easy Binding Technique. There is also an inspirational video on Garment Sewing.

45 Years — And it has been tons of fun!

Faster Fourteen using fabrics from e-bond called Root
Great fabrics and fun quilts

We opened Creations on February 13, 1978. It’s been quite an adventure as we have weathered recessions, gas shortages and a global pandemic.

We’ve offered a great variety in fabrics, patterns, and notions. Our shop is full of beautiful displays to inspire you. We carry great fabrics for those who love to make quilts and garments as well as stitchery and wool work. We appreciate those customers who are able to shop with us in person and those who have shopped with us on line. We now have over 5000 products online. It’s never the same as visiting the shop, but sometimes that’s as good as it gets.

In 1996, Creations was first featured in Quilt Sampler’s second edition. Twenty three years later, we were invited to be their “encore” shop for Spring 2019. It was quite an honor to be featured in this magazine twice.

Most recently we were included in the Texas Hill Country Issue 22 of Quiltfolk magazine. You can still order a copy to read about designers and quilters in our area of Texas. Visit their website to get this magazine: Quiltfolk

Quilt Sampler Top Shop - Encore Shop 2019

We so appreciate the support of our customers for all these years as we sought to bring you the best our fabric industry has to offer.